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Allstate Car Services 5 Negotiating Tips to Ensure Success

When it comes to your business and making executive decisions, you know that you have to bring it to win it. You have to go in with a plan, execute it and stick to your guns. Negotiating shows good faith, but if you don’t leave feeling like you’ve won, it probably isn’t the right move for your business. The most successful companies didn’t get that way by showing weakness and bowing to their competition, so why should yours? At Allstate Car Services, we not only understand that, but we know that business dealings begin the moment you arrive. To show up in style, set the right tone and start the negotiations in your favor, we recommend letting one of our professional chauffeurs drop you off with sophistication at the front door.

Once that powerful impression has been made, the ball is in your court. As an added service to ensure that you leave the meeting as confident as you arrived, we have compiled the following tips to bolster your negotiating skills:

  1. Always Start the Negotiations. If you go first, you set the tone. You’ve already given yourself a strong foothold by letting Allstate Car Services chauffeur you to the meeting in style, so don’t lose that edge by giving up the prime negotiation spot. You’ve got the confidence, use it to your advantage.
  2. Reach for the Moon, Land Amongst the Stars. Always start your negotiations out higher than your goals. A high starting point creates an anchor that will affect every offer that follows it. It doesn’t matter if the other party thinks this number is outlandish, or if you agree with them, it guarantees that what you truly want will sound more reasonable. Negotiations go down, make sure your goal is in the realm of possibilities.
  3. Inundate Them with Information. Be prepared to do the research needed and understand the points you’re fighting for to lend credibility to your position. The more data you can give to back it up, the better. People react positively to large amounts of information when making decisions – if all of their concerns are addressed and all of your numbers are supported, they run out of reasons to say no. And don’t forget to consider the other side’s situation. Knowing their desires and limitations allows you to frame an offer they can’t refuse.
  4. Create a Sense of Urgency. Value is generated when people believe that there is a restricted time to choose something. Limited time offers lead people to believe that an opportunity must be worthwhile, and that if they don’t jump on it, somebody else will. However, be patient during the negotiations. If the other side believes that you’re not pressured to conclude the deal with them specifically, they may start to offer concessions so you will say yes.
  5. Make Walking Away an Option. This doesn’t mean that you actually should, but if you won’t even consider it, you may get desperate and give up too much of what you want. Show the other side that you mean business and will stick to your guns, and they are more likely to trip over themselves to keep you there.

As our guest, you are our priority, so we will do everything in our power to ensure your negotiations end the way you want them. Our top-quality sedans and sports utility vehicles provide the ultimate experience in comfort and safety while meeting our strict standards for style. Allstate Car Services is known for providing our guests with a luxury experience that is above reproach, every time. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we guarantee exceptional customer service that is always punctual. Our years of experience will get you where you need to go in Montgomery County, Bucks County, Philadelphia, Camden County or any of the surrounding areas, without hassles or stress.

If you need to arrive in Philadelphia or the surrounding areas of Bucks, Delaware, Montgomery or Gloucester counties in style, call us at 1-888-711-9359 or make your reservation online today.